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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [proposal] A new module for improved JSF-MVC inside MyFaces Project
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2014 13:13:19 GMT

Over the time, with the new javascript libraries out there that makes
easier to make reliable code on the client side, there are more and
more people interested in an approach that can take advantage of
the good parts that JSF 2.2 already has, but without get into the JSF
lifecycle complexities. It could be good if we provide a new module
inside MyFaces Commons that allow to do things like in Spring MVC or
JAX-RS but also integrated with JSF.

For example:

- Create a JSON response from a managed bean and bind it to a component
using javascript.
- Define REST endpoints into CDI beans.
- Provide javascript functions that can invoke a JSF POST or a GET.

I have sended already an email to the EG list related to this stuff,
indicating some use cases where this can be useful. See:

CASE 1: Autocomplete component
CASE 2: Captcha component
CASE 3: Excel/PDF/Text/CSV export
CASE 5: Websockets

The idea is create two things:

- An extension from the JSF lifecycle.
- A javascript library that can be called from the client side to invoke
JSF on the server.

The final result will look similar to an action source framework,
some annotations that can be parsed to define a controller algorithm,
use JSF as template framework and CDI as the model.

In these moments I'm trying to imagine what can we do in this case, so
any suggestion or comment about what people feel missing and in that
sense needs to be done is most welcome.


Leonardo Uribe

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