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From Gerhard Petracek <>
Subject Re: Possible performance enchancement?
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 10:38:58 GMT
you need the traversal anyway e.g. to convert the values (which is done
during the same traversal).
your numbers sound way too high -> imo you have a different issue in your
-> we need more details about your setup.


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2014-03-04 11:20 GMT+01:00 Thomas Andraschko <>:

> As the scenario is really special, what about overwriting the JSF
> Lifecycle and modify it for your requirements?
> 2014-03-01 9:28 GMT+01:00 Karl Trumstedt <>:
> Hello,
>> I've been looking and reading a lot about JSF's lifecycle. I'm no expert
>> in any sense and have not fully grasped what happens in each phase.
>> I have debugged our application and seen how much time is spent in each
>> cycle. For larger pages it can be quite a lot (500 ms for each APPLY,
>> VALIDATION, UPDATE). Even for smaller pages there can be ~10-20ms in the
>> cycle when posting to the server. As far as I have gathered, the component
>> tree is traversed for each of these cycles. For us, every ms counts :)
>> Now, my application doesn't use the JSF validation framework. There isn't
>> any <f:validator> stuff anywhere. For me, I don't see that I need to
>> execute that phase, ever. So I would like to turn of that phase. But even
>> better, maybe when parsing the XHTML facelet (or constructing the view or
>> something), couldn't the UIViewRoot have information on if there are any
>> <f:validator> stuff on the page? If not, it could skip the validation phase
>> completely?
>> As I said, I don't fully grasp what's happening behind the scenes so
>> maybe something else would stop working? And maybe the validation phase
>> does more the execute <f:validator> tags.
>> I realize this scenario might be special since we don't use the
>> <f:validator> stuff, we reuse our own legacy validation framework, but
>> there still could be pages in a regular JSF application with lots of
>> components (big tables etc) and no validation (or custom validation). Any
>> pointers for how I could patch and skip the validation phase myself would
>> be nice:)
>> Thanks

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