2013/11/24 Thomas Andraschko <andraschko.thomas@gmail.com>
Hi Leo,

By default all the code in UIComponentBase is already in place, so if all components extend from UIComponentBase everything will work just fine

cool, perfect!

Will they work correctly?

Yes, because the related variables are stored into the state, so if they change, saveState(...) will return non null and in the worst case the component will be replaced with a new one.

The ideal is the attached objects (Collector) implements PartialStateHolder instead StateHolder. The reason is the hack involves save the state when markInitialState(...) was called and when a hard reset is done, reuse that information and restore the state of the component or attached object like it was when the view was built by first time. But if that is not done, the algorithm just replace the component with a new one and problem solved.

The tricky part are those variables that are not part of the state buy plays some role, because there is no way to know they are there. For example the dataModelMap in UIData, but the examples out there are very few.
All other components in PrimeFaces just use the StateHelper. So it should be fine.

If saveState(...) is overriden, there is a chance that some additional lines are required.

Note we still have a lot of work to do, but the evidence we have suggest we should at least give another try and see what happens.


Leonardo Uribe