1/ Better do that in your Trinidad skin. Here's an example :
    background-image: url("unselected.png");
    background-image: url("selected.png");

2/ If the datepicker is missing, maybe you haven't set up the Resource servlet in your web.xml. Check the generated html source, you should be able to find the datepicker link. Can you see the color gradients in your components (your panelTabbed for instance should look like this : http://example.irian.at/trinidad-showcase-casablanca/component-demo/panelTabbed-Default . If not, it's definitely a problem with the resource servlet)

Hope this helps,
Cedric Durmont

2013/4/24 jayam balasubramaniam <jayam.balasubramaniam@gmail.com>

I have 2 questions in UI components . I am using Trinidad components.
1) I am having the paneltabbed with 2 tabs, i want to change the background of tabs based on selection(when selected tab1 background should display a.png ,when tab2 is selected tab1 should display b.png, similarly all tabs background image should change dynamically based on selection.

I wrote javascript for onclick event
function TabButtonSelection(){
alert('inside Tab1ButtonSelection');
but not working. Can you please give any suggestion?

2) Input Date is not displaying calendar(date picker) icon, so i couldn't select date
<tr:inputDate label="Date of Birth" required="true" id="selectInputDate1" shortDesc="Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format" requiredMessageDetail="Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format">
<f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/mm/yyyy"/>

only label and textfield is displayed , i am able to enter date but can't choose from calendar. If i set chooseid for inputdate component full calendar is displayed.

Please provide some solutions.