hi jacob,

we heard about similar issues in combination with primefaces.
in those cases some parts of primefaces don't propagate parameters (like the window-id).



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2012/12/28 Pon <jacob.elias@gmail.com>
Unfortunately I do not have a link to a demo, I have pasted below the code I am using. If any other details are required, kindly let me know. Appreciated. ManagedBean <nabble_embed> @Named("emp") @ViewAccessScoped public class EmployeeManagedBean implements Serializable { private Employee selectedRequest = new Employee(); @PostConstruct public void init() { initTable(); } private void initTable() { lazyModel = new LazyEmployeeDataModel(requestList, requestService); } public LazyDataModel<Employee> getLazyModel() { return lazyModel; } </nabble_embed> and onRowSelect Method <nabble_embed> public void onRowSelect(SelectEvent event) { try { setSelectedRequest((Employee) event.getObject()); System.out.println("row " + getSelectedRequest()); </nabble_embed> JSF Code <nabble_embed> <p:dataTable id="dataTable" var="req" lazy="true" value="#{emp.lazyModel}" rowKey="#{req.empNo}" paginator="true" rows="10" selection="#{emp.selectedRequest}"> <p:ajax event="rowSelectRadio" listener="#{emp.onRowSelect}" /> <p:column selectionMode="single" style="" /> </nabble_embed>

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