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From Jon Bionda <>
Subject Making Tomahawk Calendar more WCAG (accessibility) compliant
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 17:54:13 GMT
Sorry for what is likely a breach of protocol.  This is a suggestion on how to make the Tomahawk
Calendar more WCAG compliant.  WCAG being a standard for gauging if browser based interfaces
meet accessibility requirements primarily for disabled users.   I joined the list a while
ago to report an error I found and it was fixed promptly so I continued to watch the list
and see that you are now preparing the next Tomahawk release, so maybe the timing is right.

We used an older version of Tomahawk (1.0.6) and found the HtmlInputCalendar component failed
the WCAG compliancy tests with respect to missing some 'alt' and 'title' attributes on tags
generated by the calendar component.   Some time ago, someone who has since left the company,
made it mostly compliant by adding the following 8 properties to the HtmlInputCalendar - I
didn't do the compliancy testing but understand there are different levels of compliancy and
these missing attributes make it fail at a basic level, so there may be more minor compliance
issues which is why I can't say it would be fully compliant.

The properties with hopefully self-describing names are:


I've looked into forward porting the old changes to the Tomahawk 1.1.14 code base and have
provided the code for adding the changes to the (org.apache.myfaces.custom.calendar) HtmlInputCalendar
and HtmlCalendarRenderer classes.  However, I am having trouble unravelling the precise changes
that were made to the popcalendar.js file ( they seemed to have got a newer version of the
js file and made the changes on it but I can't figure out which version get got it from, probably
obvious to you guys).

A related change is also included and was made because part of WCAG is supporting screen readers.
 The text in alt and title attributes shouldn't be using short forms of the week days (Sun,
Mon, etc.) but rather their full names (Sunday, Monday, etc.).  In the HtmlCalendarRenderer.getLocalizedLanguageScript()
method, I  see where they created a parallel String[] to weekDays to contain the full week
day names.  This is also added to the initData to be accessible in the javascript.  We only
use the calendar in popup mode so no changes were made to renderInline() but would expect
it would also have to be modified to do a complete job.

I zipped up the changes to the 2 java classes mentioned above (they only contained changed
methods and have "WCAG change" comments identifying the changes), plus a sample properties
file for default values and our popcalendar.js file.  This last one is where my knowledge
is insufficient to help much, but maybe you will find it useful to see how the new properties
and full week name array are used.  There may be other changes in the javascript file too
as there was an issue related to focus.

Thanks for your time and hope this helps.

Jon Bionda

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