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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [VOTE][core] fix for MYFACES-3586 (performance of resources in jar files served by ResourceHandlerImpl)
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:53:41 GMT

Some time ago, it was mentioned the controversy behind a fix
for MYFACES-3586

Maybe we should reconsider the previous position about this
one and try to fix it, even if that means to include additional web
config params, even if exists better solutions for this one or
even if suppose more work to do.

The reason why we should change our position is users start to
fall on the same hole over and over again. Given the interest on
the problem, it starts to sound better to provide an alternate fix
bundled in myfaces core instead say to the people "... setup a
load balancer in front of your server and cache the resources
there to fix your problem ...".

Things become a ridiculousness, when you find a similar problem:
ViewScoped bean fails when SERIALIZE_STATE_IN_SESSION is set to true

Both problems are similar because:

1. Both problems has a known solution.
2. The solution is not perfect / cannot be enabled by default / there are
    better alternatives
3. The typical answer is say "... woops ... try this alternative strategy and
    try to live with the problem ..."

Given the latest feedback about MYFACES-3586 and MYFACES-3656,
I think it is desirable to take a look and revote a solution to this problem

Please vote:

+1 if you consider we need to fix this one once for all.
+0 if you don't care about
-1  if you consider do nothing is better and why

Note we need minimum 3 +1 votes to support this initiative and override
the previous decision of the community.


Leonardo Uribe

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