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From Dennis Hörsch <>
Subject Re: [core] avoid throw exception when #{cc.attrs.actionListener} or #{cc.attrs.action} or similar EL expressions are resolved
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 06:51:48 GMT
Hi Leonardo,

I fell over that with an empty action-Attribute too as I was migrating 
old-style JSF1-facelets components to composites and some users of that 
had an empty action. I was wondering why it throws an exception instead 
of behaving like a 'normal' commandButton.

Dennis Hörsch

Am 05.10.2012 05:52, schrieb Leonardo Uribe:
> Hi
> I have been thinking about this report:
> NPE in composite component when ActionListener is missing in the source
> 	<cc:interface>
> 		<cc:attribute name="action"/>
> 		<cc:attribute name="actionListener"/>
>          <cc:attribute name="value"/>
> 	</cc:interface>
> 	<cc:implementation>		
> 		<h:commandButton value="#{cc.attrs.value}"
> action="#{cc.attrs.action}"
> actionListener="#{cc.attrs.actionListener}" immediate="true">
> 			<cc:insertChildren/>
> 		</h:commandButton>
> 	</cc:implementation>
> Right now, MyFaces just throw an exception when the attributes are not set
> in the composite component, but doesn't sound more reasonable avoid the
> exception and act like nothing happened?
> In practice h:commandButton will have a dummy listener and an action attached,
> but that's the same as if both attributes were empty. I can't imagine any side
> effect, and it is a common case when you are using composite components.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe

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