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From Gerhard Petracek <>
Subject Fwd: CMS Info
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 09:32:32 GMT

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From: David Blevins
Subject: CMS Info

Reposting some info I mentioned on IRC wrt the CMS.

Generally if you're ok with doing things page-at-a-time and keeping the
markdown, asciidoc or whatever source in svn, all can work fine.

The CMS can keep the site up-to-date immediately after each commit of a
source file (*.mdtext, *.asciidoc, etc.) with no need to write any of that

So if you can handle this dance:

  CMS: this foo-formatted page changed, turn it into html, please
  You: ok, one sec, here it is

Then the CMS is golden.  The "ok, one sec, here it is" is done with a perl
function of your creation.  That perl function can easily call out to
anything else for the actual generation.  Infra definitely prefers all be
done in perl, but a hard stance hasn't been made.

Generating an entire site and push all the files, some changed and some
not, is going against the grain.  It's not in the small tweak category, but
in the by-passing huge parts of the CMS and doing nearly everything
yourself.  You don't need to go to this great length just to use an
alternate input source format than what the CMS currently handles.

This doc recaps the above, gives a little bit of the "how" then goes into
great detail on the "how".  I recommend reading at least part of it to get
a better idea.


Ushering the content from the markdown or asciidoc source to staging then
to production is all done with svn hooks, so I don't think git is an option
-- at least not for all of it.

Not a complete view, but a better idea.  Markdown is what is supported
"natively", but adding other formats really only takes a few lines of perl
that calls out to something else.  The restriction being as mentioned:

  - the source doc is svn
  - the perl function takes one file as input and produces a "string" of
generated html

If you can do that, you can use whatever format you like and the CMS will
do all the rest of the work and do it very well.


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