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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: Trinidad Question about component extension
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2012 14:39:08 GMT
Stephan, for ADF faces, there are some oracle forums which may yield better

For Trinidad, all of the standards renderers are in the impl package and
not really made to be extended.  You can, however, iMplement the
UIXRenderer (or in the case of ADFFaces the RichRenderer) to make your new
renderer.  Nearest I can tell, there are no 'package private' functions in
either.  Most of the methods are simply protected which, of course, your
derived component would have access to.

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On Apr 8, 2012, at 4:58 AM, De Marco Steven <>

i'm sorry if it's not the right place to ask this question but i found
nowhere else to ask (and have a relevant answer)

I'm starting to work with adf and also with the trinidad components
One of my test case is to build a page where a user can see a list of
project. Each project can have sub-Projects and so on...

Example :

   - Project 1
      - SubProject 1
       - Project 2
      - SubProject 2
         - SubSubProject 3
         - SubSubProject 4
           - Project 3

And of course i can't know the depth of all of that (so i can't use the bad
pattern of nesting af:iterator)

For me it's a question in recursivity.
I can't use the af:tree component because i don't want that my user could
show/hide projects like with the af:tree

So i looked into your source files and try to learn how you did it.
Looked into the af:iterator to try to use a TreeModel instead of a
Looked into the af:tree to try to change the TreeRenderer.
Looked into the CollectionModel trying to override some properties with
goal to simulate the depth of my projects (and then in the view add some
spacer to push the subprojects to the rights, but too hackish for me...)

After several days trying to learn your code, trying extending or building
my own code, i came to the result that a lot of your
functionnalities are package protected and that i can't easily extend the
UIXIterator or even the UIXHierarchy or the UIXCollection without losing
lot of good pattern and code. (and i haven't a good understanding of the

The rewriting of the TreeRenderer was unsuccesful too. Too many concepts
that i don't understand. Too many things that i don't know if i can safely
ignore. And not even sure how to (and if i can) tell adf to use my Renderer
only for that page for the af:tree component.

The other solution (some found on the net) seem to hackish and absolutly
not safe, so don't want to go that way

Please, could you tell me the right way (patterns or concepts) to do that.
Which direction can i take to achieve my requierement. Is there somewhere a
good documentation where i could find some answers.

I know it's certainly not the good place to ask, and it's a very long mail
but please could you take some time to explain me how to handle the
trinidad (and adf) framework.

Thanks for your time and i hope you could help.


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