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From Werner Punz <>
Subject EXT Scripting the future
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 18:24:44 GMT
Hello everyone, since I am picking up the work on Ext-Scripting again 
here is an outline of my future plans.

a) I need to do a serious code rewrite. The system was grown out of a 
research idea and some code frankly spoken has become unmaintainable. I 
have started with this work and will have it probably finished in a few 
months depending on the time I can dedicate to it. I have started 
already and am making good progress with one major part already cleaned 
up and simplified locally here.

With this I want to do following stuff
a) Drop Java 5 support, Java 6 will be the new baseline due to the 
compiler interface it provides. Maybe depending on the Mac support I 
will drop in Java7 as baseline soon. Given that there is not to much of 
a community yet I dont see it as a huge problem to go for a relatively 
new baseline.
So java6 now java 7 soon.

b) I want to drop JSF 1.x support for that there still is the old 
version. The code is simply a burden, I want to reduce code wherever 
possible and cutting legacy support is part of it.

b) After the code rewrite I want to start with the CDI integration
c) After that Spring

Probably b) will be doable for this year depending on my sidework c) 
definitely not this year anymore.


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