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From Andy Schwartz <>
Subject [Trinidad] Skin pregeneration enhancements
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 02:32:15 GMT
Gang -

Just wanted to send out a heads up that I am working on a couple of
Trinidad skinning enhancements:

TRINIDAD-2234 Pregeneration of skin style sheets
TRINIDAD-2235 Skinning: stable names for generated style sheets

The goal is to add support for pregenerating Trinidad skin style sheet
files, which currently must be generated dynamically at runtime.
Dynamic generation imposes some restrictions that I would like to
remove - eg. it requires session affinity (requests for dynamically
generated .css files must be routed back to the same origin server)
and limits our ability to share .css files across applications.   The
above two issues/enhancements will allow these normally dynamic
resources to be pregenerated and hosted along with other static
resources on a static server/CDN, thus avoiding the need for session
affinity and promoting cross-application resource sharing.

I have a mostly complete solution ready:

But will be doing some additional polish/clean up work on this branch:

This does involve adding some new Trinidad APIs (mainly, a
pregeneration service uri and accompanying configuration properties),
so interested in feedback if you have it.  Full details can be found
in the issue tracker.


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