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From Werner Punz <>
Subject PERF Discussion: Stateless JSF + HTML rendering
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 07:58:31 GMT
Hia just a general discussion, regarding performance. One of the big 
performance impacts is statefulness, now there has been a project

This however is only for Mojarra, shouldnt we target something similar, 
one day or the other it will be part of the spec, so targetting this 
early might give the mojarra guys a push for going there also.

If you look at the numbers you can see there is a lot to gain by being 
able to render pages stateless one way or the other.
I personally think in the typical extranet site, most pages are able to 
go stateless and about 5-10% should be stateful, that way we could cover 

Another performance issue I still have gripes with is the rendered code.
For a small page we on the average still have way more code rendered 
than Mojarra, in some cases up to 40%. Which is a lot.

While we already did some work regarding our onclick event javascript 
calls, there is still lots of room for optimization in our code.
For instance we render <!-- --> with all linebreaks and spaces between 
link and script tags intact.

Mojarra basically strips all unneeded stuff and renders only the script 
and link tags without any blanks.


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