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From Edu Garcia <>
Subject [Trinidad 2.0] RenderResponseExecutor Warning when using <tr:messages>
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:31:12 GMT
I'm using Geronimo 3.0, MyFaces 2.0, Trinidad 2.0.

When my page perform an action like "save" a record, I show a message on 
screen using <tr:messages>.

Besides the messages actually is showed normally, in console I keep 
watching this warning message:

/2012-02-10 07:22:47,338 WARN  [RenderResponseExecutor] There are some 
unhandled FacesMessages, this means not every FacesMessage had a chance 
to be rendered.
These unhandled FacesMessages are:
- Changes has been save successfully  *** this is the message I 
displayed on screen
Which in my case, it's not true.  In order to process the messages, I 
created a static class, with this code:

public class FacesUtil {

     ...  here some other methods...

      * This method is used to publish messages on page, like save, 
update or delete a record.
      * @param message
     public static void setMessage(String clientid, String message){
         FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
         FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_INFO,
                 "Info.", message);
         context.addMessage(clientid, msg);


This happen every time I create a message, using "action" event or 
"actionListener".  No other messages are displayed at console.

Thanks in advance for help.


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