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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: [core extcdi] is required to create another proposal about windowId?
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 09:28:15 GMT

The ClientSideWindowHandler solution in CODI looks good so far, but there is still a lot to

And like every technology, it has it's pros and cons...

What do you think about making the windowId provider pluggable in MyFaces core first?

The REAL problem with JSF and multiple tabs is that once you open 2 tabs and click in 1 of
them often enough, then you will destroy the state of the view in the other tab as well somewhen.
Usually after 20 requests (default).

To come over this, we need to store the n last views not only per session, but also per browser
tab (==windowId).
Of course, there can be lots of fancy stuff done to detect closed tabs, etc. But all this
is much more stable if we really have the opportunity to distinguish between tabs. We can
e.g. also introduce a configuration for maximum allowed tabs, to reduce memory blasting.

All this is actually completely independent of how the windowId get's created and checked


PS: btw, a PhD student in my institute made me aware of a trick with the browser history.
I think Jakob also already researched in this direction:
This mechanism does only 1 GET request (mine does 2), but with pure AJAX you imo cannot fully
replace the header once the window is fully loaded. Thus you cannot easily handle dynamically
loaded CSS, background images, etc with this approach.

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> From: Leonardo Uribe <>
> To: MyFaces Development <>
> Cc: 
> Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:39 PM
> Subject: Re: [core extcdi] is required to create another proposal about windowId?
> Hi Gerhard
> Ok, good to know that. I'll work on a solution based on the previous
> discussions about it to have more options in this case.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe
> 2011/11/17 Gerhard Petracek <>:
>>  hi leo,
>>  as soon as the new approach works, we can suggest it for jsf 2.2.
>>  however, since it's only compatible with html5, we have to suggest a
>>  2nd approach (e.g. the default behaviour of codi).
>>  regards,
>>  gerhard
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>>  2011/11/17 Werner Punz <>:
>>>  Am 11/17/11 7:15 PM, schrieb Leonardo Uribe:
>>>>  Hi
>>>>  In the last days there was some work in these issues:
>>>>  (EXTCDI-242) improve ClientSideWindowHandler windowId passing via 
> cookie
>>>>  (EXTCDI-241) Allow users of the ClientSideWindowHandler to specify 
> if
>>>>  it should get applied per Request
>>>>  (EXTCDI-240) Enhance ClientSideWindowHandler - remove flickering, 
> etc
>>>>  Just one question: if the flickering problem was fixed on the 
> current
>>>>  solution done on EXTCDI, it is still necessary to create an
>>>>  implementation inside myfaces core for windowId? This problem is on 
> my
>>>>  list of things to do, so it is better to ask first.
>>>>  regards,
>>>>  Leonardo Uribe
>>>  Good question, I guess we need something for WindowID handling for 
> jsf2.2
>>>  especially given in hindisght of what is planned for 2.2 according to 
> Ed
>>>  Burns blog but the final answer for now is up to the CODI guys.
>>>  Werner

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