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From Werner Punz <>
Subject jsf.js code restructuration (Leo please read)
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:41:40 GMT
Hi everyone, I finally am through with my code refactoring with the 
exception of a small patch which must be done after the next step.

The next step would be following:
I have now several files.

a) *The jsf.js* which is the existing ├╝ber file
b) *jsf-minimal-modern.js* which is the core jsf with a baseline of ie9+
c) *jsf-minimal.js* which is the same with a baseline of ie6

d) *jsf-i18n.js* which is the i18n language messages as separate 
include, which can be added to b and c if needed.

e) *jsf-legacy.js* which is only the code needed for firefox 3.5+ and 
ie6+ support (legacy browser suppot) in addition to minimal-modern.js

f) *jsf-experimental.js* experimental features which very likely will 
make it into future jsf versions, which also can be added to  b and c
(a has them in already)

So far this works out very well, but I am not sure where to host the 
files and how do we include it. Currently they are located on the same 
location as our uncompressed debugging files.

Ideally it should be that we can write something like

  <h:outputScript name="jsf-minimal-modern.js" library="myfaces" 
  <h:outputScript name="i18n.js" library="myfaces" target="head"/>

And the links are correctly set and also a jsf.js include from an f:ajax 
or h:outputScript is subsequently suppressed.

But we probably need a patch in our impls for that mechanism.

Once this is established we can switch our standard file from *a* to *c* 
which makes more sense for almost all users. Leo what is your opinion on 

Another option would be to allow a config param via web.xml so that one 
of the core *jsf.js* files is loaded as *jsf.js* and then add for instance

  <h:outputScript name="i18n.js" library="myfaces" target="head"/>
additionally. But even then I think we need a patch to reach the proper 
location for the additional files.


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