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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject maven build cleanup
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 15:01:09 GMT
Hi folks!

As every year, it's finally time to cleanup our build again ;)

I stumbled across various problems when trying to upgrade CODI to myfaces-parent-10, thus
a few comments.

1.) setting plugin versions is fine. But all subprojects should check whether they really
need them or if they are already set perfectly fine in myfaces-parent.

2.) apache-parent (which myfaces-parent derives from) contains a profile which automatically
gets activated when you build with maven3. In this case maven-site-plugin-3.x gets used. Otherwise
you will get maven-site-plugin-2.x
Of course this means that this mechanism only works if you don't define a version of that
very plugin yourself! Consequently I removed the maven-site-plugin from the pluginManagement
section of our myfaces-parent.

3.) I had problems with the current myfaces checkstyle-rules-2 when upgrading to myfaces-parent-10.
I fixed those now and deployed checkstyle-rules-3-SNAPSHOT. I also upgraded myfaces-parent-11-SNAPSHOT
to use this version of the checkstyle-rules and deployed it to the apache snapshots repo.


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