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From Martinconi Cosmin <>
Subject [GSoC] MyFaces CODI RAD status
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 17:32:11 GMT
Hi everyone,

The GSoC program for this year is finished and you can find the current
status of the project at a new
location[1]. The current "0.9.0" version provides the functionality proposed
for this program, more
details about the commands supported can be found in the README file.

As part of the "apache-extra" project host the project doesn't completely
comply with the guidelines. The
problems come from:"1) not using Apache or an existing Apache project name
in your Apache Extras project
name, and 2) not using org.apache as the prefix". I am considering renaming
the packages as "org.apacheExtra",
any suggestion regarding this is welcomed.

There is more work to be done for the plugin to be complete and eventually
extend the functionality to other
CODI IDE plugins, and I will be happy to continue working and supporting any
Codi RAD functionality.

Special thanks to Gerhard, my mentor for this program.



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