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From Martinconi Cosmin <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Seam-Forge plugin for MyFaces CODI
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 15:24:36 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have done some more work on the GSoC project "Seam-Forge plugin for
MyFaces CODI",
the current status of the project can be checked at [1]. The features
provided until now include:

   - "*codi viewconfig-create-folder --name Pages*" - creates a new
   Folder(ViewConfig) configuration
       named "Pages" in the base package directory and a new directory:

   - "*codi viewconfig-create-folder --name Wizard --in Pages*" - creates a
   new folder config named "Wizard"
       in the "Pages" ViewConfig  and a new directory:

   - "*codi viewconfig-create-page --name Step1 --in Pages.Wizard*"- creates
   a new page config named "Step1"
       in the "Pages.Wizard" folder and a new

   - "*codi viewconfig-create-config --name SecuredPages --voter
   LoginAccessDecisionVoter*" - creates a new
       "ViewConfig" file called "SecuredPages" with an
   "@Secured(LoginAccessDecisionVoter.class)" annotation.
       Also an "LoginAccessDecisionVoter" java file which extends
   "AbstractAccessDecisionVoter" is created

   - "codi viewconfig-list-all" - prints all the configuration for a given

Other commands available are:

   - codi viewconfig-create-page --name ErrorPage --in Pages --errorPage
   - codi viewconfigResource --name Pages --redirect
   - codi viewconfigResource --name Pages.Wizard --extendWith SecuredPages
   - codi viewconfig-list-pages

I provided a "README.txt" file in the project that will give more details.
Any new requirements and suggestions are



On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 7:03 PM, Gerhard Petracek <
> wrote:

> hi cosmin,
> great! i'll have a look at it within the next days.
> regards,
> gerhard
> Your JSF powerhouse -
> JSF Consulting, Development and
> Courses in English and German
> Professional Support for Apache MyFaces
> 2011/7/7 Martinconi Cosmin <>
>> Hi,
>> I am currently working on the "Seam-Forge plugin for MyFaces CODI"[1]
>> project
>> for this year's GSoC and I would highly appreciate your feedback regarding
>> the
>> implementation and any future requirements for the plugin.
>> You can checkout the project from [2] where a README file will provide the
>> necessary information regarding the setup and usage instruction.
>> For now the plugin provides ''setup" and "add-new-view" commands. The
>> first one
>> will install the CodiFacet which ensures that all required dependencies
>> are added to
>> a given project. The "add-new-view" command offers support for adding new
>> views and
>> view configurations in a type-safe CODI manner. I am currently working on
>> the
>> "add-new-view" functionality.
>> Any inputs and suggestions regarding the plugin are welcomed.
>> Regards,
>> Cosmin
>> [1]
>> [2]

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