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From Kamil Soboń <>
Subject MyFaces in OSGi environment
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:35:11 GMT
Hi all,

Me and my friend are trying to create modular web application that will 
work in OSGi environment.
We have chosen JSF (MyFaces implementation) for our web tier (In fact we 
have chosen this technology in first version of our application, where 
we have implemented own mechanism for plug-in management, now we want to 
use OSGi).

We have few very important assumption for web tier: views (pages), 
resources and manageable beans can be provided, changed and taken away 
in run-time. This is a result of other assumption: our application 
should be modularized in plug-ins that can be installed, updated or 
uninstalled in run-time.
There are few problems with MyFaces that we were trying to omit. Some we 
have managed to, some partially and some not. I am not going to tell 
about the details, but I can tell about them or provide web site urls 
where we have written down our cogitations.

After some time we have reached a conclusion that it is pointless to 
make MyFaces working as we want to, without changing things in core 
implementation. Generally we know what should be reimplemented or 
redesigned in core implementation of MyFaces. We believe that some of 
changes should be done in API to make MyFaces more flexible. Once more I 
am not going to tell about the details here (but fell free to ask).

My questions are
Is it our proposal worth of consideration ? Maybe out assumptions break 
down some JavaServer Faces assumption and this technology cannot be used 
in such application ?
Is it right place to ask about changes in MyFaces ?
Can you/we make such changes in core implementation, or maybe MyFaces is 
simply implementation of JSF specification ? If it is, should we turn to 
people that are responsible for JSF specification ?

Kamil Soboń

iso.poczta(at)gmail.comturn to

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