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From Blake Sullivan <>
Subject Re: [TRINIDAD] Supporting touch capability
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:31:06 GMT
On 6/13/11 9:22 AM, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> I am proposing to add a new Agent capability for touch devices.
> It would involve adding:
>   static public final CapabilityKey CAP_TOUCH_SCREEN =
>           CapabilityKey.getCapabilityKey("touchScreen", true);
> To org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.agent.TrinidadAgent. And also 
> adding the code to add this for the Andoid and iOS devices.
> Any comments? Name of the key sound reasonable to everyone?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
I think that we want to consider the cases where the device supports 
both touch gestures and other input devices at the same time.  So, it 
depends on the expected usage.  Are consumers of this api supposed to 
use it to query whether the device could send them touch events, or are 
they expected to use it to determine whether the device is primarily 
touch?  If it is for the first case, then I think we should expand the 
values to encompass the quality of the touch events.  For example, is 
multi-touch supported? Anyway, we know from experience that we really 
don't want to ever add any boolean values.

-- Blake Sullivan

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