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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: [core] Enhancements to State Saving Caching Algorithm
Date Sat, 14 May 2011 01:26:56 GMT

I finally committed a solution for this issue, and other cool
optimizations in MYFACES-3117. I'll going to explain below which
changes were done.

Now there exists a class called
org.apache.myfaces.application.StateCache<K, V>, to delegate all logic
related to state storing/retrieving in a cleaner way. Additionally a
factory class org.apache.myfaces.application.StateCacheFactory is
available, to provide alternate implementations in the future.

Two new params were added for server side stuff:

     * Only applicable if state saving method is "server" (= default).
     * Indicates the amount of views (default is not active) that
should be stored in session between sequential
org.apache.myfaces.USE_FLASH_SCOPE_PURGE_VIEWS_IN_SESSION is true.
     * <p>For example, if this param has value = 2 and in your custom
webapp there is a form that is clicked 3 times, only 2 views
     * will be stored and the third one (the one stored the first
time) will be removed from session, even if the view can
     * store more sessions
org.apache.myfaces.NUMBER_OF_VIEWS_IN_SESSION. This feature becomes
useful for multi-window applications.
     * where without this feature a window can swallow all view slots
so the other ones will throw ViewExpiredException.</p>
    private static final String

     * Only applicable if state saving method is "server" (= default).
     * Allow use flash scope to keep track of the views used in
session and the previous ones,
     * so server side state saving can delete old views even if
POST-REDIRECT-GET pattern is used.
     * The default value is false.
    @JSFWebConfigParam(since="2.0.6", defaultValue="false",
expectedValues="true, false")
    private static final String USE_FLASH_SCOPE_PURGE_VIEWS_IN_SESSION

Finally I founded a way to support POST-Redirect-GET pattern using flash scope.

By default, these two params are disabled.

Other optimizations that will reduce memory usage were done:

- Don't trigger session creation if state is not written on facelets.
- Don't use a buffer to write the state token when server side state
saving is used, because after all it is not necessary.

I think with these changes we can solve MYFACES-3117. With this code,
we have a solid foundation to continue investigating how to solve the
window-id problem.

Suggestions are welcome.

Leonardo Uribe

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