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From Curtiss Howard <>
Subject @PreDestroy on session beans (re MYFACES-3040)
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 12:29:50 GMT

I'm having a hard time following the rationale behind MYFACES-3040.  I
think someone was concerned about @PreDestroy getting called twice if
the session was invalidated?

The solution, however, was to eliminate invoking @PreDestroy when the
session is destroyed ALTOGETHER.  This is an entirely incorrect
solution to the problem.  Just make a simple session-scoped bean and
observe how @PreDestroy doesn't get invoked _at all_ when the app is
stopped!  Running the same test in Glassfish would quickly show the
MyFaces behavior to be incorrect.  I think the change needs to be
reverted and some other solution to the original problem should be
devised.  Thoughts?


Curtiss Howard

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