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From Jakob Korherr <>
Subject [core] Keep 2.1.x branch and trunk in sync
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 11:34:18 GMT
Hi guys,

Since we now have a branch for JSF 2.1 [1], but still are fixing most
issues in JSF 2.0 and thus in trunk, every commiter should take care
of merging his/her changes into the 2.1.x branch too. Otherwise we
will soon have a big mess, I guess.

I already merged MYFACES-3116 into 2.1.x and I also saw Udo doing the
same on MYFACES-3107. However, there are still a lot of changes that
were applied to trunk only (I know, also some of mine), e.g. some of
the javascript stuff (for example MYFACES-3118).

For sure we will have to merge some stuff into the 2.1.x branch anyway
before doing a release, but we can make our life a lot easier if we do
it right away and set both fixed versions, 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT and
2.1.0-SNAPSHOT, in the JIRA in that case.

As a little hint: svn merge is a pretty good way to merge the changes
between svn branches (see [2]). As an example, I used the following
command to merge MYFACES-3116 into the 2.1.x branch:

svn merge -r 1097263:1097264

Thanks for your attention :)



Jakob Korherr


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