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Subject Problem with ui:repeat and behaviorized commandLink
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 12:02:37 GMT


I'm trying to upgrade from MyFaces 1.2.7 to 2.0.4 our online store. To
do it, I need to adapt our own UICommand components to the new version.
I'm working on overwrite your HTMLLinkRendererBase in order to adapt it
to our graphic requirements, but keeping original javascript generation.

Now I think I have found a bug if there is a commandLink or
commandButton with ajax behavior, inside a ui:repeat tag. For example:


<h:outputText id="texto" value="#{bean.texto}">



<ui:repeat value="#{bean.textos}" var="text">

<h:commandLink id="boton10" value="#{text}">

            <f:ajax event="click" render="texto"





If there is no ajax modifier, all works fine, but if there's they trhow

javax.faces.FacesException: Component with id:texto not found


I have solved it rewriting the findComponent(String id) method in our
implementation, in order to search for the 'render' id (texto in the
example) starting from the viewRoot.

I think the problem is that in the UIComponentBase.findComponent(String
id) it looks for the referenced component, starting from the closest
NamingContainer to the source element:


if (this instanceof NamingContainer)


findBase = this;




findBase = _ComponentUtils.findParentNamingContainer(this, true /* root
if not found */);



And, I'm not sure, but I think ui:repeat related component should
implements NamingContainer, so it looks for the referenced component
only inside the ui.repeat tag. Could it be? And could it be solved?


Thanks in advance!






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