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From Gerhard Petracek <>
Subject Re: [CODI] How do you register a new MessageHandler
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 09:47:08 GMT
hi rudy,

basically you could provide an alternative producer implementation.

however, +1 for your suggestion. we have to think about the details. if we
allow a list of message-handlers, we would have to ignore the qualifiers in
this case -> i would prefer only one optional custom implementation which
has to use the @Jsf qualifier. if users need multiple implementations, they
could use an implementation which aggregates those implementations.

-> i would suggest to create a jira issue (improvement).


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2011/3/28 Rudy De Busscher <>

> Gerhard,
> Thx for the info, it works.  However, i have a few remarks about the
> solution:
> Creating a new producer method with another qualifier specification,
> requires that you change your already defined injection points. (if you
> decide in the middle of the development phase that you need some
> additional). This can lead to a mismatch and developers that still use the
> Jsf qualifier and not your custom one.
> Plus you don't see the message handler in the configuration dump at
> startup.
> Possible solution:
> Let the current producer method also add a list of messageHandler's it
> get's from the JsfModuleConfig (add another entry there).  By default,
> nothing in the list.  Then a @Specialized version can supply your
> messageHandler that you need. (and maybe also add the option to define other
> artifacts like MessageResolver, MessageInterpolator, ...)
> add a jira issue (and path) so that we can include it in the release 0.9.5?
> (or is it important enough for this one?)
> Thx
> Rudy.
> On 25 March 2011 17:02, Gerhard Petracek <>wrote:
>> hi rudy,
>> the producer for the message-context with the @Jsf qualifier creates a
>> dependent instance.
>> since the default implementation (without qualifier) doesn't specify a
>> scope (because it's independent of cdi), it's automatically a dependent
>> bean.
>> that means: you can't use the startup event in this case, because you just
>> get a dependent bean.
>> you can create a custom producer which produces the context in the scope
>> of your choice.
>> (you can have a look at JsfAwareMessageContextProducer as an example.)
>> thx for the question! i'll add more information to the documentation.
>> regards,
>> gerhard
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>> 2011/3/25 Rudy De Busscher <>
>>> Hi all,
>>> I like to register a new MessageHandler in CODI but it gets never called.
>>> On the wiki page (1) I found a description how this could be done.  I
>>> placed the line of code within a method that observes for StartupEvent like
>>> this
>>>     @Inject
>>>     private MessageContext context;
>>>     public void configureErrorMessageListener(@Observes StartupEvent
>>> startupEvent) {
>>>         context.config().change().addMessageHandler(new
>>> ErrorMessageHandler());
>>>     }
>>> But the messageContext injected in the CDI Request bean does contain only
>>> the standard JSF aware message handler.
>>> Adding the @Jsf Qualifier is also not changing anything. (This i can
>>> understand because the method producer created a new config, and is not
>>> using the original one)
>>> My version is 0.9.4-SNAPSHOT
>>> Thx
>>> Rudy
>>> (1)

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