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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Myfaces js translation help
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 18:20:15 GMT
Hello everyone I also could need some translation help for as many 
languages as possible, so here is the deal, translate me please 
following key value pairs so that I can add them to the myfaces 
javascripts for the next release:

Currently we have english, german and dutch:

I could at least need spanish french italian, russian and chinese also 
would be nice

   MSG_TEST:               "Testmessage",

     MSG_DEV_MODE:           "Note, this message is only sent, because 
project stage is development and no " +
                             "other error listeners are registered.",
     MSG_AFFECTED_CLASS:     "Affected Class:",
     MSG_AFFECTED_METHOD:    "Affected Method:",

     MSG_ERROR_NAME:         "Error Name:",
     MSG_ERROR_MESSAGE:      "Error Name:",

     MSG_ERROR_DESC:         "Error Description:",
     MSG_ERROR_NO:           "Error Number:",
     MSG_ERROR_LINENO:       "Error Line Number:",

     /*Errors and messages*/
     ERR_FORM:               "Sourceform could not be determined, either 
because element is not attached to a form or we have multiple forms with 
named elements of the same identifier or name, stopping the ajax 
     ERR_VIEWSTATE:          "jsf.viewState: param value not of type form!",
     ERR_TRANSPORT:          "Transport type {0} does not exist",
     ERR_EVT_PASS:           "an event must be passed down (either a an 
event object null or undefined) ",
     ERR_CONSTRUCT:          "Parts of the response couldn't be 
retrieved when constructing the event data: {0} ",
     ERR_MALFORMEDXML:       "The server response could not be parsed, 
the server has returned with a response which is not xml !",
     ERR_SOURCE_FUNC:        "source cannot be a function (probably 
source and event were not defined or set to null",
     ERR_EV_OR_UNKNOWN:      "An event object or unknown must be passed 
as second parameter",
     ERR_SOURCE_NOSTR:       "source cannot be a string",
     ERR_SOURCE_DEF_NULL:    "source must be defined or null",

     ERR_MUST_STRING:        "{0}: {1} namespace must be of type String",
     ERR_REF_OR_ID:          "{0}: {1} a reference node or identifier 
must be provided",
     ERR_PARAM_GENERIC:      "{0}: parameter {1} must be of type {2}",
     ERR_PARAM_STR:          "{0}: {1} param must be of type string",
     ERR_PARAM_STR_RE:       "{0}: {1} param must be of type string or a 
regular expression",
     ERR_PARAM_MIXMAPS:      "{0}: both a source as well as a 
destination map must be provided",
     ERR_MUST_BE_PROVIDED:   "{0}: an {1} and a {2} must be provided",
     ERR_MUST_BE_PROVIDED1:  "{0}: {1} must be set",

     ERR_REPLACE_EL:         "replaceElements called while evalNodes is 
not an array",
     ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE:     "{0}: The response cannot be null or empty!",
     ERR_ITEM_ID_NOTFOUND:   "{0}: item with identifier {1} could not be 
     ERR_PPR_IDREQ:          "{0}: Error in PPR Insert, id must be present",
     ERR_PPR_INSERTBEFID:    "{0}: Error in PPR Insert, before id or 
after id must be present",
     ERR_PPR_INSERTBEFID_1:  "{0}: Error in PPR Insert, before  node of 
id {1} does not exist in document",
     ERR_PPR_INSERTBEFID_2:  "{0}: Error in PPR Insert, after  node of 
id {1} does not exist in document",

     ERR_PPR_DELID:          "{0}: Error in delete, id not in xml markup",
     ERR_PPR_UNKNOWNCID:     "{0}:  Unknown Html-Component-ID: {1}",
     ERR_NO_VIEWROOTATTR:    "{0}: Changing of ViewRoot attributes is 
not supported",
     ERR_NO_HEADATTR:        "{0}: Changing of Head attributes is not 
     ERR_RED_URL:            "{0}: Redirect without url"

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