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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: ADF Faces + MyFaces certification
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 00:16:06 GMT
Hey Andy this is great news.


Am 19.01.11 14:41, schrieb Andy Schwartz:
> Gang -
> Recently I have spent some time testing ADF Faces (and Trinidad)
> against MyFaces trunk with the goal of certifying that ADF Faces works
> well when running on top of MyFaces 2.0.  (Up till now our 2.0 testing
> has been focused on Mojarra.)  As part of my MyFaces testing I have
> found a small number of issues - some in MyFaces core, some in
> Trinidad, others in ADF Faces - that impact our ability to run ADF
> Faces-based apps on MyFaces.  There aren't many issues, and most of
> the issues are minor, which is great to see.
> I will plan on logging JIRA issues and/or sending emails to the dev
> list as appropriate.  It is possible that some of these issues may
> require spec clarification.  I'll be happy to raise any such issues
> with the jsr-314 folks.
> Just wanted to send a heads up in case folks were curious what I am up to. :-)
> Andy

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