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From Andy Schwartz <>
Subject ADF Faces + MyFaces certification
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 13:41:08 GMT
Gang -

Recently I have spent some time testing ADF Faces (and Trinidad)
against MyFaces trunk with the goal of certifying that ADF Faces works
well when running on top of MyFaces 2.0.  (Up till now our 2.0 testing
has been focused on Mojarra.)  As part of my MyFaces testing I have
found a small number of issues - some in MyFaces core, some in
Trinidad, others in ADF Faces - that impact our ability to run ADF
Faces-based apps on MyFaces.  There aren't many issues, and most of
the issues are minor, which is great to see.

I will plan on logging JIRA issues and/or sending emails to the dev
list as appropriate.  It is possible that some of these issues may
require spec clarification.  I'll be happy to raise any such issues
with the jsr-314 folks.

Just wanted to send a heads up in case folks were curious what I am up to. :-)


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