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From Werner Punz <>
Subject MyFaces and GAE weird behavior
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 09:19:00 GMT
Hello, I just wanted to discuss some weird behavior I am facing with GAE 
in conjunction with MyFaces I assume this is GAE related but I just 
wonder if we can fix or work around it on our side.

Here is the situation:

Given that I want to help a user out regarding all this,
I have a testing project deployed with MyFaces 2.0 on GAE, for now the 
state saving is server (not tested yet on client)
GAE supports session handling on its infrastructure with memcache, but 
here is the problem. I have  a basic keepalive enabled which should 
refresh the memcache session and keep it alive. This works, but 
occasionally GAE seems to hickup and delivers a null object on the code 
which we use to access our serialised view, which results in a ViewRoot 
not found exception. Now this is definitely a GAE problem, but I wonder 
if we cannot fix it up on our side, maybe by triggering some API from 

Here is the example

You can leave the browser runnning, especially in the beginning, you 
will see this hickup from time to time, as soon as you confirm the error 
alert the next ajax request again goes through because the subsequent 
request was again able to restore the viewroot.
After a while the errors become less or go away, which looks eerily like 
caching behavior to me.

I assume this has something to do with GAEs internal way of serialising 
the session from time to time.
Either way, any ideas or insight on this?


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