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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: ordering tck failures in geronimo
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2010 02:28:00 GMT
my 2 cents, it seems for me less urgly ...
a. For the FacesConfigurationProvider , it is better to have only one method
b. Create another abstract class AbstractFacesConfigurationProvider which
extends FacesConfigurationProvider, and define those proctected methods of
get***, also place those sorting/merging codes there.
c. In the DefaultFacesConfigurationProvider, it only implements those get***

2010/12/9 Leonardo Uribe <>

> Hi
> I agree with Jakob about faces-config merging and ordering algorithm should
> not be exposed by MyFaces. Why is it not enough?. At this point it is not
> clear the reasons. Note in this moment ordering and sorting algoritm it is
> not being exposed by FacesConfigurationProvider interface.
> Other different thing is FacesConfigurationProvider.getFacesConfigData().
> The intention of this method is provide a way to get a Serializable object
> that represents all config information required to initialize MyFaces and
> allow container to store it temporally somewere. In this way it is possible
> to deploy and undeploy an application more quickly, because if "nothing
> changes"(no added dependencies, no update from faces-config.xml files or
> classes) this information is always the same.
> On MYFACES-2945 and previous discussions it was proposed two different
> options:
> 1. Add getFacesConfigData()
> 2. Add a set of methods to retrieve FacesConfig objects instead.
>     public abstract FacesConfig getStandardFacesConfig(ExternalContext
> ectx);
>     public abstract FacesConfig
> getMetaInfServicesFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
>     public abstract FacesConfig getAnnotationsFacesConfig(ExternalContext
> ectx, boolean metadataComplete);
>     public abstract List<FacesConfig>
> getClassloaderFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
>     public abstract List<FacesConfig>
> getContextSpecifiedFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
>     public abstract FacesConfig getWebAppFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
> The first option has the advantage that it fill the initial requeriment
> without add more complexity to the problem. The second one seems to be more
> structured and opens the possibility to do other things like how override
> MyFaces parsing for faces-config.xml files like it is being discussed. If
> the container parse faces-config.xml files, with the previous methods it is
> possible to prevent parse the same files twice.
> My first intention, as is shown on MYFACES-2945 was that
> FacesConfigurationProvider does not included getFacesConfigData(), because
> it is possible to fill the initial objective with these methods, but finally
> it was agreed the first option looks better, right?
> Now I see that on MYFACES-2998 that fact is questioned:
> JK>> Unfortunately it also provides a method that should combine all these
> data: getFacesConfigData().
> JK>> This method is here due to refactorings, but IMHO this is the last
> place where it should be put,
> JK>> because it gets "its own implementation" via its Factory and then
> calls all of the above methods on
> JK>> it. I know this was introduced to support wrapping the default impl,
> but it really is very, very ugly.
> In few words, why does it looks ugly? or with other words, what can we do
> to make it cleaner? remove it? or just provide another SPI interface and put
> that method there? In practice, getFacesConfigData() merges all FacesConfig
> information, and "on the way" it does order applicationFacesConfig files
> (the ones obtained from getClassloaderFacesConfig() and
> getContextSpecifiedFacesConfig() ) . To do that it requires to call all six
> methods from FacesConfigurationProvider, there is no other way, so I don't
> see why do that is considered ugly.
> At this moment we have the following courses of action:
> 1. Remove FacesConfigurationResource interface partially, because it is
> still too inmature and let it for myfaces core 2.0.4.
> 2. Create another SPI interface for getFacesConfigData() (please suggest a
> name for it, maybe FacesConfigurationMergerProvider?) and remove this method
> form FacesConfigurationResource. Apply the patch on MYFACES-2998 seems to be
> in this direction, but forget the reason why it is wanted to expose
> getFacesConfigData() to the container.
> 3. Apply something like MYFACES-2998 patch, and refactor this one later in
> myfaces core 2.0.4
> Suggestions are welcome.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe


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