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From Jakob Korherr <>
Subject Re: [core] UISelectItem(s) questions
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:22:46 GMT
Hi Kočičák,

1) and 2) I guess UISelectItem(s) is considered a POJO and thus
doesn't provide this method(s). Furthermore you can have multiple
UISelectItem(s) for every component and so you need a way to combine
all those! Thus I think this stuff is considered to be done by impl
and not be present in api - however the spec tells you how to do it,
maybe this part should be more clear!

3) Actually I don't know. I can remember that we added them first, but
afterwards discovered that Mojarra's javadocs [1] don't include those
methods. Thus, in order to be binary compatible with the Mojarra API,
we removed them and used the attribute map. Maybe this is a spec
issue, but I really don't know.



2010/11/24 Martin Koci <>:
> Hi,
> following things are specified by spec, but maybe someone will know
> reasons:
> 1) why UISelectOne/Many classes don't have method like
> List<SelectItem> getSelectItems
> currently each renderkit has own method with similar purpose but with
> different quality and bugs :)
> for example, myfaces have RendererUtils.getSelectItemList(UISelectMany,
> FacesContext) which outputs warning if f:selectItems value= leads to
> null, but RichFaces throw an uninformative exception in same situation.
> For user's view it is inconsistent behaviour.
> 2) similar question: why UISelectItem/UISelectItems dont have
> getSelectItem() resp. getSelectItems() method for creating selections
> they represent?
> 3) why UISelectItem has method like getItemLabel(),
> getItemDescription(), but UISelectItems not - it uses only attributes
> map.
> Regards,
> Kočičák

Jakob Korherr


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