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From Jakob Korherr <>
Subject Re: Use maven-shade-plugin to prevent duplicate code
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 19:10:21 GMT

Last week I created a branch (see [1]) to test the shade module
integration of shared and also implee6 for MyFaces core.
Coincidentally, Leonardo committed a similar solution to MyFaces core
trunk, however only for the implee6 integration.

The branch at [1] uses the shade plugin to include shared and implee6.
For shared it uses a dependency to myfaces-shared-core (NOT
shared-impl), which will then be shaded to org.apache.myfaces.*
(without the shared-package) - however this is only a prototype. To
make this work I had to rename all imports in myfaces-impl from
"shared_impl" to "shared". Everything works pretty well expect for the
OSGi-issues mentioned by Leonardo.

Using this branch you are able to work on MyFaces shared classes in
the context of MyFaces core and not having to do a whole maven build
when testing it, because your IDE uses shared directly as a
dependency. Thus it really is an improvement to what we have now and
we should try to fix the OSGi issues in some way to really make this
work. I already did some work in this direction and I think that a
ResourceTransformer implementation for shade that creates the Manifest
file for OSGi is the way to go, but we certainly have to discuss this
(maybe also with the bundle-plugin team). WDYT Leo?

However, please take a look at the branch at [1] and try to use it in
your IDE - I think it's really great! (... and furthermore I think
it's much easier to understand for every myfaces-developer).

I also totally agree with Gerhard that we should provide this
all-in-one jar, even if it may cause problems in OSGi, because our
OSGi users will most certainly know that. It's really easy to do this
using the shade plugin and it provides a very convenient way for
developers to use MyFaces (especially when they're not using maven).
As Gerhard mentioned, Mojarra will do the same and furthermore other
projects like e.g. Weld also provide this all-in-one solution (-->



2010/11/8 Leonardo Uribe <>:
> Hi
> 2010/11/8 Gerhard <>
>> hi,
>> @ide-support:
>> since you get an additional all-in-one sources jar file, it should work.
>> i've created external codi examples which use the all-in-one jar of codi
>> and the ide support works perfectly.
> Yes, that's true (I checked that code) but in shared you need to change the
> package name to org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.
> Really that package renaming is questionable. Why? It exists since 1.1.x but
> I don't know why this is necessary. In theory, the code inside shared should
> be "private", but the truth is we have one class that could be consumed by
> users: org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.webapp.webxml.DelegatedFacesServlet.
> That is the main reason why I moved the code proposed on
> to myfaces-impl package.
>> @osgi:
>> if there are restrictions, we should improve the shade plugin.
>> (for now: osgi users just can't use this optional all-in-one jar file - if
>> we document it, it shouldn't be a problem.)
> There is a discussion of this issue here:
> It was reported here too:
> The issue in maven is here:
> Unfortunately, the only hack I can see to make this work correctly is create
> a plugin with a maven lifecycle extension, and do that is very nasty,
> because we need to create a plugin just to do that.
>> @use-case:
>> we should really get rid of the shared module.
> I agree. First we need a more explicit plan to do it. Suggestions are
> welcome.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe
>> regards,
>> gerhard
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>> 2010/11/8 Leonardo Uribe <>
>>> Hi
>>> Unfortunately, maven-shade-plugin has some unwanted side effects.
>>> - The source jar file is not updated too, so if we "shade" shared, the
>>> sources are not updated. In theory, the source jar is used by IDEs like
>>> Eclipse or Netbeans to show the source file of a .class.
>>> - It does not play well with osgi bundle plugin (the one that create
>>> The problem is the manifest is generated before "shade", and
>>> we need the later. Really that one is a problem related to maven itself.
>>> The only valid use case I found where maven-shade-plugin fits well is
>>> with implee6 module, but anyway it was required to do some hacks to make
>>> bundle plugin works well.
>>> regards,
>>> Leonardo Uribe

Jakob Korherr


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