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From <>
Subject RE: ext-bv addon: Required Initialization for labels required change
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:40:12 GMT
Hi Rudy,
I am using both property and bean validation. The labels of concern, though, are annotated
using @Column(...nullable=false). So perhaps we've discovered my issue. Thanks!
I will drop in the non-bean validation version and see how that works. 
Is there any reason why I can't/shouldn't use both?
Finally, the target component is standard JSF.

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From: Rudy De Busscher []
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:40 AM
To: MyFaces Development
Subject: Re: ext-bv addon: Required Initialization for labels required change

Hello Ben,

I made a few checks and within my examples everything works (they don't use Richfaces however).
 Can it be that you are mixing some environments ??

The line of code 
ExtValUtils.configureComponentWithMetaData(facesContext, targetComponent, ExtValUtils.getTransformedMetaData(facesContext,

is typical for the usage WITHOUT bean validation.

Are you using bean validation annotations (like javax.validation.constraints.NotNull) on your

If not, there exists also an add-on for the non bean validation version.

Is the target component a richfaces faces component or a standard JSF one ??

I try to check with a RichFaces component tomorrow.


On 26 October 2010 22:32, Gerhard <> wrote:

hi ben, 

thx for the information - we will check it!
(we haven't released the add-on - so we have to do some final tests.)

it would be nice if you can check the change with your applications.


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2010/10/26 <> 

Just a short note that may be of interest. 
I was unable to get the ext-bv addon: Required Initialization for labels working "out of the

After modifying
as follows, it seems to work well now. 

protected void initComponent(FacesContext facesContext, UIComponent uiComponent) 
        //super.initComponent(facesContext, targetComponent); 
        ExtValUtils.configureComponentWithMetaData(facesContext, targetComponent, ExtValUtils.getTransformedMetaData(facesContext,


Any thoughts on this change? Is it appropriate? 
By the way, my web-app uses JSF 1.2, Facelets, RichFaces (3.3.3), Restfaces, and Orchestra.


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