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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] upgrade to maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.6
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 11:43:31 GMT
Hi Leo!

Waiting for the new site plugin sounds reasonable!

The reason I did the upgrade to the maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.6 was mainly that the old 2.2
checkstyle plugin we used doesn't work with mvn-3 anymore and is really very old already.
With 2.6 our build now works with mvn2 _and_ mvn3. If we also upgrade the site plugin to the
new one, our build will work _only_ with mvn3. 
But yes, that's why I started a [DISCUSS] thread, so please all share your thoughts and ideas
and help with defining the route to the next MyFaces build :)

txs and LieGrue,

--- On Mon, 10/25/10, Leonardo Uribe <> wrote:

From: Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] upgrade to maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.6
To: "MyFaces Development" <>
Date: Monday, October 25, 2010, 4:32 PM


2010/10/21 Mark Struberg <>


As I explained in MYFACES-2953 [1], we should upgrade to maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.6

To make this happen, I've already tweaked, committed and deployed

* checkstyle-rules

* myfaces-master-pom

I have tested but NOT committed the upgrade to myfaces-parent-10-SNAPSHOT in myfacs core +
shared since I didn't want to break those builds. They are working for me locally!

Would be nice if a few folks could test my changes by building MyFaces with mvn-3 too! Afterwards
we can beg Leo to do the whole master pom release chain for us :D

Are there any other things for parent-10 which can be done now?

I would like to wait some time while maven 3 becomes more stable. The most critical problem
to do an upgrade is the site plugin used in maven 3.0 is different for the one used in 2.2.x,
so before do that we need to do the same as before, test site generation for all projects.
Note that maven site plugin for 3.0 is still on 3.0-beta-3. See

For details.

Leonardo Uribe

txs and LieGrue,




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