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Subject Re: JBoss and MyFaces ....
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 12:12:11 GMT
Thanks Werner.  Hope someone can take a look before 2.0.3.


Quoting Werner Punz <>:

> Am 15.10.10 14:04, schrieb
>> I'm pretty sure 2.0.1 has a memory leak on undeploy.  Mojarra had an
>> undeploy leak and it took a long time to track it down.  The same test I
>> was using on Mojarra also failed on MyFaces but I haven't had time to
>> track down the leak in MyFaces.
>> Maybe this is fixed in 2.0.2?  If not maybe someone can go ahead and
>> take a look?  The mem leak keeps MyFaces from passing TCK on JBoss AS.
>>  To test, all you need to do is create a small exploaded JSF app.  Then
>> have a script that touches web.xml every 10 seconds.  That will cause
>> the app to redeploy.  You will get a PermGen error in about an hour.
> Hi Stan I opened a ticket under
> Just to make sure the info is not lost.
> I hope you dont mind that I just copy pasted the info you gave here.
> Werner

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