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From Gerhard <>
Subject [CODI] suggested road map
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:22:11 GMT
hi @ all,

@alpha 1:

currently we have a lot of initial implementations for most of the planned
[1] features.

before we release alpha1 we should
 1) finish a basic documentation (including javadoc)
 2) add automated tests for the most important parts
 3) implement small and clean examples
 4) finish some cleanup tasks
 5) switch to the new myfaces master pom (to benefit from the easier release
 6) plan further reviews (based on the documentation)

i'll continue with #1 (at [2] as well as some internal documentation at [3])
and #4.

as far as i know jakob is going to start #2 (in combination with the
gsoc automated-webapp-test project).
maybe someone else is interested to participate in the test-effort (e.g.
some jmeter based tests are very welcome).

@alpha 2:
imo it should contain improvements and bugfixes + we might have to refactor
some parts.

@beta 1:
besides improvements and bugfixes we should think about meaningful default

imo we should release v1 as soon as we have a stable api as well as spi,
default configuration, test-cases and a nice documentation (for all
important parts).

(for sure all versions will contain an improved documentation and we should
see more test-cases.)



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