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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Automated webapp tests project
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 20:00:17 GMT

Good to know that. I'll take a look at this one. I would like to have a test
suite for flash scope and ajax stuff.


Leonardo Uribe

2010/8/10 Martinconi Cosmin <>

> Hi,
> The GSoC program for this year is almost finished and I wanted to let you
> know about the progress and the current state of the "Automated webapp tests
> for MyFacescore and extensions", my project for this GSoC.
> You can follow the API and the implementation(SVN google code) on:
>    -
>    -
> The API that I have followed is the one from the wiki, including small
> changes like introducing "@Tester" and "@Assertable" instead of "@Inject"
> for the resource injection configuration. The "@Tester" will inject an
> WebappTester instance that will provide all required functionality, and
> "@Assertable" to inject proxy instances for assertions.
> Also an "@ConfigurationTestSuite" configuration was provided, where the
> user of the API can specify a list of configurations and the API will run
> the test case with all the configs, meaning an "n" configured test case will
> generate "n" tests for the same test instance but with each of the specified
> configs.
> The API provides the following actions: click(buttonId),
> input(string).into(fieldId); and the assertions:
> assertThat(methodCall/ELexpression).is(Object).before/after(PhaseId) and
> expectCall(methodCall/ELexpression).in(PhaseId)
> I am currently working on some issues regarding expectCall() that I
> overlooked, but this should be functional by the end of this week. Other
> drawbacks of the project are that I couldn't get rid of the method:
>     @Deployment
>     public static Archive<?> createDeployment() {
>         return webappTestCase.createArchive(null);
>     }
> Arquillian is looking for a method annotated with @Deployment and if such a
> method is not provided it fails the test run. Another inconvenience is that,
> for the embaded Tomcat container, Arquillian requires, for now, a servlet
> mapping in the web.xml of the testing webapp, like:
>     <servlet>
>        <servlet-name>ServletTestRunner</servlet-name>
> <servlet-class>org.apache.myfaces.test.webapp.api.runner.WebappServletTestRunner</servlet-class>
>     </servlet>
>     <servlet-mapping>
>        <servlet-name>ServletTestRunner</servlet-name>
>        <url-pattern>/ArquillianServletRunner</url-pattern>
>     </servlet-mapping>
> I would highly appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions on the
> project and the implementation.
> Regards,
> Cosmin

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