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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: hudson@myfaces
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 21:58:10 GMT

2010/8/26 Grant Smith <>

> I also have not added the GSOC build yet, I'll do that once I figure out
> why myfaces-current isnt compiling (looks like a dependency to
> shared-impl-2.0.12-SNAPSHOT, which for some reason is not incorporating
> automatically from the externs. The externs are probably wrong)
Yes, current folder points to shared 4.0.x but on core it points to 1.1.x ?
The last time I saw that it was not working in that way. I see the following
comment on the svn log by user jakobk:

"...Changed core version to 1.1.x in current, because current includes
shared 2.0.x and not shared 4.0.x which is needed for core 2.0 (core 2.0 can
be found in current20)...."

Current should point to myfaces core trunk (2.0.x) and myfaces shared trunk
(4.0.x). It is possible orchestra could introduce a dependency to shared
2.0.x. So to solve this problem we should include on nightly build current11
and current12 folders (maybe current should point to current11, current12
and current20?).


Leonardo Uribe

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