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From Marius Petoi <>
Subject Re: [GSOC] State saving performance improvements in MyFaces 2.0
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 13:57:04 GMT
Hi Leonardo,

I corrected the things you required in the JIRA issues. When you have the
time, please have a look over them. See inline my comments and questions:

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 3:57 AM, Leonardo Uribe <> wrote:

> Hi
> Sorry for the late response, but I was looking other important issues (I
> usually review issues with JSR-314 component first). I reviewed your patches
> and I committed some of them, and made comments on the others.
>  > On the other hand, regarding serialization vs implements
>>> PartialStateHolder,
>>> > I've looked for some more externalizable objects: the
>>> TagMethodExpression
>>> > class is used in the MethodExpressionValueChangeListener, which
>>> implements
>>> > StateHolder and PartialMethodExpressionValueChangeListener, which
>>> implements
>>> > PartialStateHolder.
>>> > So maybe instead of being Externalizable,
>>> > TagMethodExpression should also implement PartialStateHolder. There is
>>> a
>>> > similar situation with TagValueExpression.
>>> I guess - Leonardo should clarify.
> To save ValueExpressions, javax.faces.component._DeltaStateHelper uses an
> InternalMap, but that one does not take into account PartialStateHolder
> interface. So in this case does not apply.
> In MethodExpression it is possible, but to do that, we need to solve two
> questions:
> - If we have an immutable object that implements Serializable interface and
> a similar one that implements PartialStateHolder, which one is saved /
> restored faster? which one has bigger state size? It is worth to implement
> PartialStateHolder or keep it as Serializable?. To solve that we need to try
> some simple performance tests with possible candidates.

--> Ok. How should I do that. This meaning do you have any suggestions for
objects or should I create some mock objects with identical data and then
compare the two strategies (in time and state size)?

> - Does all methods that store MethodExpression variables (
> UICommand.actionExpression) should handle PartialStateHolder interfaces? In
> theory yes (I add this support before but then I revert it to the current
> behavior because there is no evidence why use PartialStateHolder in this
> case), but if we don't expect MethodExpression implementations implements
> PartialStateHolder, just let it as is.

--> By this you mean classes with MethodExpressions that use also
serialization and not implements PartialStateHolder. I've found a couple of
such classes: EventHandler.Listener and LegacyMethodBinding.

> Look this class:
> org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.tag.jsf.core.SetPropertyActionListenerHandler
> . It has a inner class called SetPropertyListener that implements
> Serializable. javax.faces.component._DeltaList is used to store
> FacesListeners and that one handles PartialStateHolder instances. That one
> is other valid case.

--> Ok. So should I transform this class into one implementing

> best regards,
> Leonardo Uribe


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