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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad][api]TRINIDAD-1857 Add a Map associated with each window or tab that the user is interacting with
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 07:44:45 GMT
Hi Matthias,

> Not everybody is using CDI and/or Spring.

well, in the real world and a little while in the future, there is not
many people who will not have one of these frameworks in their

> I think, on long term we may want one clean and independent API, where
> all these projects offer an implementation for a window/event system:
> -Orchestra
> -Trinidad
> -etc
> However, right now, Trinidad has the base already and adding a new
> toolset to the belt feels kinda wrong.
> Again +1 on this to be inside of Trinidad.
> This does not mean that we could work on a better future version of a
> more unified API, for this. Right?

yes, this is what we could and what we should. Why not take this
addition as a reason to do this right now? If we donĀ“t take such
additions as a reason to do this, what else will be our reason?

best regards,



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