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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject provide a way to define the ordering of ELResolvers
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 12:37:48 GMT

Currently the ordering of ELResolvers is somehow hardcoded in 
ResolverBuilderForFaces and ResolverBuilderForJSP.
All the additional ELResolvers get invoked before all MyFaces internal ones.

This causes a lot traffic in pretty expensive ELResolvers like Spring or CDI 

What I miss is a way to explicitely define the _exact_ ordering of EL_Resolvers. 
In my case I like to invoke the OpenWebBeans ELResolver only after all the 
'cheaper' ones got fired, e.g. 

        elResolver.add(new FlashELResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ManagedBeanResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ResourceResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ResourceBundleELResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ResourceBundleResolver());
        elResolver.add(new MapELResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ListELResolver());
        elResolver.add(new ArrayELResolver());
        elResolver.add(new BeanELResolver());
-> add OWB ELResolver here
        elResolver.add(new ScopedAttributeResolver());

This would speed up the performance on CDI based pages a lot ;)

What is the best way to make this configurable?



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