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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Automated webapp tests API draft
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 02:32:06 GMT

I have checked the status of myfaces testing stuff and I did a list of the
"oportunities" to make myfaces even better.

- Enhance myfaces-test project: In that project we have just moved
shale-test stuff and did some updates/fixes to make it work in jsf 2.0. But
it is becoming more critical to really update/enhance the code, because it
is becoming very common to add custom stuff on myfaces-impl to make some
tests work.

- Myfaces-test specific code: Since now we have facelets inside myfaces, one
possibility is create a jar file that works with myfaces core code and make
complex tests that requires run facelets VDL code. Now in myfaces core we
have a test suite for composite components that uses that kind of stuff, but
we can't do that type of tests outside myfaces (for example a component
library). I would like to run a full request lifecycle using mock objects
without deal with a servlet container, just write my JUnit test and that's

- Test app for myfaces core stuff that we can't test using junit: There are
some new stuff added to myfaces core 2.0 that we just can't test it with
junit + myfaces test. Some examples are flash scope, ajax, combinations of
post-redirect-get pattern. It is necessary to create some tests for this
stuff to enhance stability of these features.

In my understanding, the direction that took this GSOC project is different.
The objective is create a new API more focused in test web applications
deployed on a container, and use myfaces specific code to "bridge" between
the test and myfaces implementation running in the container (at this point
it is not very clear the steps to make a test run). It looks good, so I'll
keep an eye on it. I suppose that the resulting code could be a new module
of myfaces-test. I hope as the name of this project suggest, one
contribution will be a automated webapp for test myfaces core 2.0, but it
seems more important in the future have a new api for testing.

Right now, almost all code is in place for tomahawk core20 project, but it
is necessary to test it before make any release. So I'll start to work in
the first two ideas, aiming to do an official release of myfaces-test
project, and I'll keep an eye on the results of the GSOC project. It could
be good to know if some svn repo is used to publish the advance of this
project (for example


Leonardo Uribe

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