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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: Trouble getting the value of a value expression in a datatable
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 00:02:48 GMT

That is because the fields that are saved per row (but not between request)
are the ones related to EditableValueHolder interface. Take a look at the
implementation of UIData. In this case "value" property goes per row but
"param" is shared by all rows.

This is a problem described on:
Fix UIData state saving model (spec issue 153)

Really, there is not an easy solution for this issue. After thinking a lot
in this issue I think we can create a custom datatable component that has
this problem fixed, instead try to fix UIData implementation, because that
could cause compatibility problems (I'm not investigated too much that


Leonardo Uribe

2010/6/20 Ali Ok <>

> Hi,
> I am having problems with getting the value of an expression within a
> datatable with my custom component.
> Let me write the code:
> <h:dataTable value="#{dndBean.teams}" var="team">
>  <h:column>
> <hx:div>
> <fx:dragSource action="move" param="#{}" /> <!-- evaluates to empty
> string -->
>  <h:outputText value="#{}" />   <!-- renders the correct id -->
> </hx:div>
>  </h:column>
> </h:dataTable>
> dndBean: managed bean
> dndBean.teams: List<SportsTeam>, where SportsTeam has a public String
> getId() method
> team: var of datatable
> I am getting a value of empty string for #{} in the facelet handler
> of fx:dragSource, if I put the fx:dragSource in a h:dataTable.
> In the apply method of handler, I am trying to get the value as
> _param.getValue(faceletContext)  //use this method since deferredValueType
> of _param is String
> where _param is
> @JSFFaceletAttribute(name = "param", className =
> "javax.el.ValueExpression", deferredValueType = "java.lang.String")
> private final TagAttribute _param;
> If I put the fx:dragSource somewhere else, I am getting the correct value
> at the handler:
> <h:form>
> <hx:div>
>  <fx:dragSource action="move" param="#{}" />
>  </hx:div>
> </h:form>
> Why can this be happening?
> One more hint, for the first case if I try to get the value at the handler,
> I get empty string.
> If I pass the value expression to behavior, and try to get the value at
> renderer using the value expression, I am getting the correct value.
> In theory, if the second case works, so does first one; right? Or am I
> missing something?
> Thanks,
> Ali
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