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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject Re: Ext Scripting Quo Vadis
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 09:40:58 GMT
I am fine with doing a _real_ release here


On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Hello
> I just wanted to know a general opinion here, Ext-Scripting has been in beta
> stage for a while (while we have tagged one none of us had time to make a
> full blown release given all our other tasks at hand)
> But I personally think, since the thing at least for me already works really
> well (used it again this week for prototyping some JSF2 components at a
> customer) and I did a lot of bugfixing, that I do not want to do another
> beta release but want to go for a full blown final release with a bugfix
> release shortly thereafter.
> The reason is:
> a) I personally think it is ready, I want to do some additional testing and
> fixing as time permits next week, as time permits, but I think it is ok to
> release it
> b) I want people start using it, which means they will touch it with a final
> release
> c) It would be good to get the release out very close to myfaces sort of as
> a pushing extra for MyFaces 2.0 (my original timeframe was one month after
> the myfaces release, it could be shorter now)
> d) I want to start the work on 1.1 so that we get the infrastructure in
> place to get spring an and have Bernhard starting on his GSOC project
> which will bring CDI integration, but that means some refactorings which I
> cannot do as long as I am in beta here (and I do not want to branch again(
> I personally think that 1.0 is more or less a proof of concept and
> foundation, and a valuable asset for component writers (thats probably where
> 1.0 will be used most), once we have Spring and CDI working people really
> have something on their hands they can work with.
> So what is the general opinion on this?
> Werner

Matthias Wessendorf


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