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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad 2] AJAX branch ready for testing
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 15:50:16 GMT
Ok I did a testing on the RI the links do not work as well, but wont 
even go into the xhr part (I will add a fix here to be coherent to the 
RI in our scripts)

what happens is that the links trigger an error
jsf.ajax.request: source not set
  throw new Error("jsf.ajax.request: source not set");
Due to a missing source element on trinidads side

(I am more lenient regarding the source, because I also handle detached 
objects which some frameworks like dojo or jquery can produce,
but I obviously missed the case of source being null or undefined, 
having to throw an explicit error, which is not directly in the spec 
afair, but nevertheless I will change that tomorrow if the spec does not 
state otherwise)

the original request as posted below

javax.faces.source null

in our case it just performs an empty roundtrip in case of the ri it 
bombs out due to constraints on the javascripts side.


Am 20.04.10 17:37, schrieb Werner Punz:
> Am 20.04.10 17:00, schrieb Andrew Robinson:
>> Also, are you using JSF RI? MyFaces is known to be bad with Ajax.
> Ouch that hit me personally, because I and others spent a load of hours
> to make
> the our javascripts as good as possible as the spec allowed (with the
> help of some others).
> Actually if you have run into any errors or problems regarding the Ajax
> part (which caused your conclusion), please post them to the jira under
> our impl section, so that we can fix it :-), just saying bad with ajax
> is no help here :-), we would like to have the best ajax implementation
> of both implementations (better than the RI, so any bugreport is
> welcome). But no offence taken, back to the topic.
> But back to the original problem, the first link (Go to Trinidad demos
> home page.) issue following xhr post:
> Tr-PPR-Message true
> _noJavaScript false
> event autosub
> itxt Change this text
> j_id1078059021_4041e82d
> javax.faces.ViewState !h19u5lcmm
> javax.faces.ViewState !h19u5lcmm
> javax.faces.partial.ajax true
> javax.faces.partial.event click
> javax.faces.partial.execu... null
> javax.faces.source null
> org.apache.myfaces.trinid... j_id1078059021_4041e08f
> partial true
> selOne 0
> source j_id1078059021_4041e6c3
> and the response is following:
> <?xml version="1.0" ?>
> <partial-response><changes><update
> id="tr_j_id1078059021_4041e08f_Postscript"><![CDATA[<span
> id="tr_j_id1078059021_4041e08f_Postscript"><input type="hidden"
> name="source"><script
> type="text/javascript">TrPage.getInstance()._addResetFields('j_id1078059021_4041e08f',["source"]);</script><script
> type="text/javascript">var
> j_id1078059021_4041e08f_SF={};</script></span>]]></update><update
> id="javax.faces.ViewState"><![CDATA[!h19u5lcmm]]></update><eval><![CDATA[TrPage.getInstance().__handlePprResponseAction('/trinidad-demo/faces/demos/pprDemos.jspx');]]></eval></changes></partial-response>
> Not sure what the eval
> TrPage.getInstance().__handlePprResponseAction('/trinidad-demo/faces/demos/pprDemos.jspx');
> in this case triggers, it should trigger a go to the homepage.
> Werner

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