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From Jan-Kees van Andel <>
Subject Re: [core] Introducing implee6 - MYFACES-2579
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2010 15:27:37 GMT

If it works on Jetty and Tomcat, I'd say +1 on committing the module.

I can't think of big issues with committing it as a separate module. And we
can always revert if we have to.

Cool, can't wait to check it out! On what appserver are you testing this
stuff Jakob?


2010/3/6 Jakob Korherr <>

> Hi guys,
> I managed to introduce the core submodule "implee6" on my local machine.
> This new submodule includes Java EE 6 dependencies and thus you can use
> Servlet API 3.0 and other new things in it.
> When building MyFaces, this new submodule is built before the normal impl
> submodule. Then the .class and the .java files are "injected" into the
> impl-build. This is very similar to how shared_impl is included in the
> myfaces-impl build at the moment, but without recompilation.
> In this way we are able to use the new services approach of Java EE 6 to
> get rid of the Faces Servlet entries in web.xml, because in any Java EE 6
> container we can configure this dynamically at startup (see MYFACES-2579 for
> details). This also works fantastically on my local machine - it's really
> cool!
> Also with this method we are still Java EE 5 complaint, because the EE 6
> classes just won't get loaded in a non EE 6 environment, because there are
> no dependencies from impl or shared to them. They are only called (and
> loaded) by a Java EE 6 container via the services definition.
> Furthermore I noticed that the Mojarra guys also include a similar solution
> to this in their newest build!
> Now, before I commit something of this, I wanted to ask if there are any
> objections with this proposal. If so, please tell me your concerns!
> Regards,
> Jakob

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