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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad 2] PPR and AJAX
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 07:23:17 GMT
Andrew Robinson schrieb:
> Looking for feedback on the following requirements of the Trinidad+JSF2 
> AJAX implementation:
>    1. Client validation will only occur on requests made through
>       Trinidad APIs
>    2. Calls made to jsf.ajax.request will not perform client-side validation
>    3. Trinidad will use jsf.ajax.request for its requests (after
>       blocking ad client validation has been performed)
>    4. Trinidad will leverage JSF2 server side classes to handle AJAX
>       requests
>    5. Blocking will only be used for requests through the Trinidad APIs
>    6. Calls made to jsf.ajax.request will not block the UI
> The code that is not working is multi-part form data (input file) 
> submission and the code that we have for mobile browsers. We will need 
> to determine what we want to do there since the AJAX layer in Mojarra 
> and, I think, MyFaces, is not as robust as what we have in Trinidad 1.2.
The problem with input file is that JSF2 spec simply does not support it 
at all yet
I have basically brought this up a number of times within the JSF2 ml 
(and I assume there has been a bug filed for it)
if you want file upload you have to bypass the JSF2 ajax api, sadly as 
it is. We (Ganesh, Alex and I) made preparations for the integration of 
such a layer by modularizing the entire codebase as much as possible so 
that you will be able to switch transports on the fly (the hook point is 
our impl class where you can change the request object)

But in the end this needs to be solved on spec level :-(. In my opinion 
this is a huge gap in the spec which should have been covered upfront, 
but there were two reason for doing it as far as I could get it right.
First they wanted to get the ajax part right before extending it, 
secondly multipart form request soon will be first class citizen of
of the JEE spec which it has not been up until now.

Sorry to say all this, but the matter of multipart request is somewhat 
something which leaves a lot of bitter taste in my mouth :-)

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