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Subject Re: [Trinidad 2] PPR and AJAX
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 03:59:23 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Mobile browsers provide very limited support for JavaScript, and the 
level of support varies widely. Hence, unless jsf.ajax.request specially 
handles limitations of a mobile browser, using jsf.ajax.request probably 
won't work in mobile browsers. So to preserve PPR support, for mobile 
browsers, we can continue to use Trinidad APIs instead of jsf.ajax.request.


On 2/11/2010 1:10 PM, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> Looking for feedback on the following requirements of the 
> Trinidad+JSF2 AJAX implementation:
>    1. Client validation will only occur on requests made through
>       Trinidad APIs
>    2. Calls made to jsf.ajax.request will not perform client-side
>       validation
>    3. Trinidad will use jsf.ajax.request for its requests (after
>       blocking ad client validation has been performed)
>    4. Trinidad will leverage JSF2 server side classes to handle AJAX
>       requests
>    5. Blocking will only be used for requests through the Trinidad APIs
>    6. Calls made to jsf.ajax.request will not block the UI
> The code that is not working is multi-part form data (input file) 
> submission and the code that we have for mobile browsers. We will need 
> to determine what we want to do there since the AJAX layer in Mojarra 
> and, I think, MyFaces, is not as robust as what we have in Trinidad 1.2.
> -Andrew

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