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From Catalin Kormos <>
Subject [Trinidad] New Component Showcase Demo and Casablanca Skin
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 22:37:45 GMT
Hello there,

I have the pleasure to inform you about the work we did to develop a new
skin for Trinidad and based on this a brand new, Trinidad components
showcase application. You can see it all in action at [1]. It is still a
working in progress, in advanced state though...i mean there is always
something to be improved; nevertheless we would like to donate the new skin
and the new demo application to the MyFaces community, in its current state,
and continue there if you guys agree.

Many thanks go to my collegue Adonis who has put a lot of effort into
designing and implementing the new skin called 'Casablanca'. I'm sure he can
give you more details as needed about how the process went.

A few words about the new demo:

   -  first of all, many thanks to another collegue of mine, Cosmin, for his
   continuos efforts with this.
   - the demo is working only with facelets (there is no jsp version)
   - it uses the latest 1.2.13-SNAPSHOT version of Trinidad
   - we tryied to build it so it can be searched online also, currently
   tryied with Google Custom Search, but this didn't work out so smoothly so
   far. In any case, that's the reason for the pretty urls used. (so, no point
   in trying the search currently as it doesn't work).
   - in general, it replicates the examples available already for Trinidad
   in the existing demo, in someplaces slightly improved.
   - it tryies to provide a platform on which to build much more demos as
   required as there can be always new ideas about demoing a meaningfull use
   case on Trinidad, or some component behaviour.

I'm eager to get your reactions, I think these guys did a great job so far
and this would bring Trinidad at least a few steps closer to a more
appealing and user friendly component set.




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